barcelona trip, 2017

in 2017, i was itching to travel after some hard times. i needed to get away. in my first trip out-of-country as an adult with the necessary perspective to really appreciate travel, i asked an internet buddy if i could pass through. he invited me to stay and hang out with him. i was elated and excited. i had other plans that didn’t work out. today, i’m glad things worked out exactly like they did. it was a great trip.

i packed my bike and a backpack with a few clothes. i like to travel light.

all photos are in chronological order that they were taken in

2021 note: in spirit of my old albums of travel photos, i will keep all my smarmy captions, even though they make me really cringe today

first day ride, first photo
first day tapas
la barceloneta
spanish coast guard boat
that’s just the top of it though
there’s more to the boat
trust me
dodging tourist pedestrians at breakneck speed
special note: these were absolutely the wrong handlebars to have on my bike
during a visit to tourist-infested barcelona, during europe tourist month
it looks like a guy peeing
columbus is apparently pointing in the direction that he believes india is
haha what an idiot
what kind of dog is this
keith haring wall
this dog tried to steal my pizza

some of the following photos are taken in the gracia neighborhood, a small set of city blocks that hold a festival each year in their alleyways and streets. all the residents and some volunteers from outside the neighborhoood come and create decorations based on a theme or motif, with some friendly rivalry definitely being part of the equation. i got to document some of the setup.

he cleaned.
a lot.
he had puppy toilet paper
i laughed really hard at the packing peanut skewers
so hard that my friend chewed me out for making a spectacle of it and embarassing him
tourist scum!
fancy party alley
minus the party
found in a thrift store
i laughed at this so i had to take a picture of it while i was riding
lurker’s skaterat friends
where’s mickey?

on this day, we walked over to a museum. museums are free admission on saturdays, so it was perfect timing to get a break from the bikes.

dante alighieri
i think he wrote ‘jimmy’s inferno’?
i c u mirin
god kill me
a huge pipe organ in the MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya)
professional model
someone please
buy me
a haircut
jesus christ i am ugly
mfw biting into a tuna sandwich instead of a turkey sandwich gdi
where’s mickey? pt. 2
the MNAC on mont juic (i think it means jewish mountain?)

3:02 pm
3:03 pm
best buy mischief
true gamer for life!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha XDDDD
i love animu!!!!!!
we found a machine that prints out instagram photos
we printed an acquaintance’s photos
the worst one they had
i thought he was taking this picture of me
but he was taking a picture of the butt
god bless you lurker
people were civilized on the subway unlike america
it was hot and it STANK down there

in this small section are pictures of what i now consider one of my favorite museums i have ever been to: the maritime museum of barcelona (museu marítim de barcelona)

me and this boat thing hanging on the wall are best friends forever
i’m putting this in here because i think i look like coraline
i was enthralled by the boat information
haha sike my feet hurt
beautiful architecture, the museum is housed in a decomissioned shipyard

you may notice here that my handlebars are different, yes–i actually went to a bike shop and bought different bars because it was so awful trying to dodge pedestrian tourists with my wide messenger bars
apparently this is a story about a priest who jumped from the top of the church and survived because he was really fat

this is also the church i hid in for some hours during the terrorist attack–santa maria del pi
lurker is lurking

the following photos are of our visit to the gracia neighborhood festival. this particular year was special because it was the 200th anniversary of the festival. it was bigger than usual, in both the displays and the crowds.

as i walked by this bar and noticed the name of it, i took a picture of it
these two guys rushed out and posed for the picture in this way
and then ‘suavemente’ came on inside the bar
first dip in the sea

during this day, while out adventuring on our bikes we were less than a block away from the terrorist attack that occured in barcelona, on la rambla (more information). we had no idea what happened at the time but reading the body language of the police was enough for me. they were all brandishing their submachine guns (that they casually carried around, which was jarring for me as an american) and actively seeking a threat. my friend–a younger person with no children–didn’t help my mental state as he wanted to rubberneck. myself–a father of a six-year-old at the time–just wanted to run the hell away. we ended up holing up in a church for about four hours.

the attack itself was abruptly over because while we were very close, we only just heard the screams and were not included in the attack itself. the scariest part to me was during the aftermath of the attack, where it was found by police that there were more plans to set off pipe bombs in tiny, narrow alleyways of the gracia festival. thankfully, the terrorists had barely enough braincells amongst them to not detonate the bombs they were working on, so they blew themselves and the house they were in while preparing. in one of those rare strokes of luck, i was glad to be older and achy for once because that’s exactly the reason why i wasn’t going to the gracia festival at night, when it was most active. if a bomb were to have been detonated in those tight corridors stuffed completely full of people and with absolutely zero personal space, i would have probably died–if not by the bombs then by the resulting stampede of people escaping.

live news reports
backroom discussions of what to do
waiting around to find out what even happened
receiving the news
holy cat of the church

a marker denoting a stop for a self-guided walking tour
these floor tiles were designed by some artist to be both nice to look at as well as practical for when it rains
they can be seen all over barcelona, the floor tile itself is sometimes “stolen” and kept in homes on display because the symbol is lovingly tied to barcelona itself
a big, expensive hotel shaped like a taco
he wanted to try to take a portrait of me

time spent in and around vallirana, the place where barcelona locals go to escape barcelona tourists

and become tourists themselves 🤔

homeboy got no chill for beach snaps
lurker’s inferno
this painting was prominently hung inside of his home
his home
where he lived
and slept
and was watched
by this painting
plottin and schemin
very exclusive club
not accepting new members
go away
ay gross
posed photo of lurker’s squad
spoiler alert
he lost the game
bye 4 euros
ruff ryders

time spent on mt. tibidabo

tourist crap everywhere
the holy church of come at me bro
framing test for sunset photo
catalonian sunset
stupid tourists everywhere
amongst the former battlements

no idea what this says but barcelona is littered with public art pieces like this that tell small parts of the whole story of famous public figures
where’s mickey: the final challenge